Thursday, October 28, 2010


There is a small market about 10 yards from the front door of my building that sells necessities, plus a whole lot of candy and cookies. Each time I have gone in, the owner gives me coins from other places. Today, I got a Euro from Spain and 10 dinar from Saudi Arabia.

A Brazillian woman who owns a bikini shop in Aqaba is hosting an event at the Intercontinental Hotel tonight with a swimwear fashion show. This is only acceptible because it is in a hotel. The land of the foreigners is a little less Arabic (thus, I can also wear shorts at the hotel gym). I am getting henna painted on my hand by my work's helper/coffee maker/cleaner/serious lady who I am just starting to crack.

Rather than have an Arabic lesson this morning I went for coffee with my teacher. We had a lovely time, talking about marriage and relationships in Jordan, money and expenses and inflation, and work opportunities.

Speaking of Arabic, I am just starting to put together complete sentences. Some samples of what I can say:
I am hungry. I want to eat please.
Do you want to go?
There are 100 trees.
I am busy.
Are you free?
I am thirsty. I want to drink.
How are you? My name is Katrina. What is your name?

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  1. So cool K!!! How's the Aribic? Hard to learn?